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Training Coordinator (Bình Định)

Số lượng: 1
Địa điểm: Đại lộ Khoa học, Thung lũng Sáng tạo Quy Nhơn, P. Ghềnh Ráng, TP. Quy Nhơn, Bình Định
Ngày hết hạn: 31/12/2022

Job Description:

Internship Recruitment:

  • Seed internship recruitment announcements to universities & attract candidates based on recruitment needs
  • Arrange the interviews & administer the Admission tests
  • Manage Internship process
  • Establish and maintain the relationship with universities


  • Establish requirements and coordinate training for the company
  • Create plans for all training activities
  • Support English-related activities, including TOEIC & English communication classes
  • Provide assistance and administrative support in the planning, organizing and implementation of training


Be eager to learn new techniques and experiences

Benefits/ Opportunities:

Work in an international, dynamic, and professional environment with many prospects for career development.

Your long-term dedication will be highly rewarded in this steady and rewarding position.

Total Health Care Insurance

Competitive salary.