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Senior Java Developer (Technical Lead)

Số lượng: Đang cập nhật
Địa điểm: 84A/5 Trần Hữu Trang, Phường 10, Quận Phú Nhuận
Ngày hết hạn: 30/11/2019


  • Provide technical support to team members (junior, mid-layer dev) to win new opportunity
  • Dry-run dev members and support interview
  • Participating in the project as team lead to communicate with customer related to business requirement, come up with software/feature architect
  • Mange team dev team to implement the software/feature as requirement
  • Involve in managing a team (people management, motivation, negotiation, project monitor, risk management...)
  • Willing to expand the business by coaching/mentoring junior, mid-layer devs to be upper level
  • Willing to learn new thing and conducting technical sharing

Required skill:

  • Good knowledge of OOP, design patterns (façade, singleton) multithreading, Java core, client-server (e.g. RPC), SOLID principles
  • Knowledge on Java Enterprise (Spring, Hibernate,…), Web services, socket communications
  • Knowledge on Application servers (WebSphere, JBoss, WebLogic, Glassfish)
  • Good troubleshooting skill, debug on multi-tier Application
  • Familiar with tools: SVN, git, Maven, JUnit, Eclipse
  • Familiar with Linux environment (CLI, shell script)
  • Fast learner, self-motivated
  • Good English communication