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Elixir Developer

Số lượng: Đang cập nhật
Địa điểm: Tòa nhà TMA, Công viên phần mềm Quang Trung, P. Tân Chánh Hiệp, Quận 12
Ngày hết hạn: 31/12/2021

Job Description:

  • Working in very large project with Elixir technology customers
  • Study customer’s requirement and framework
  • Implement software modules based on design.
  • Hands-on development including detailed design and developing clean, robust & well-tested code and maintaining/troubleshooting software products
  • Some examples of what your work may look like creating an emergency room clinical census to monitor patients and alert staff in real-time.
  • Designing the interface and algorithms for intelligent immunization reminders.
  • Building a secure messaging platform for client and doctor communications.

Required skills/Experience

  1. Technologies Our backend is a
    o    GraphQL Phoenix/Absinthe application written in Elixir
    o    Front end is a React SPA using the Apollo GraphQL framework
    o    Primary database is PostgreSQL
    o    Runs on Google Cloud via Kubernetes.
  2. Good knowledge on design principles and best practices in implementing  GraphQL

Years of experiences: 1

Benefits/ Opportunity:

  • Working in an international, dynamic, and professional environment with many opportunities to develop career.
  • Having opportunities of being trained oversea and working directly with oversea customer
  • A stable and rewarding position where your long-term commitment will be highly valued.
  • Total Health Care Insurance
  • Competitive salary.