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Số lượng: 1
Địa điểm: Đang cập nhật
Ngày hết hạn: 31/10/2018

Job Description:

We are looking for system engineer positions who will join a project building an infrastructure for the deployment on cloud of a network management system. The infrastructure will need to support services like virtual-machine provisioning, logging, backing-up, DNS, email handler, monitoring and alerting… and base on following technologies and scripting languages: AWS (VPC, EC2, SES), CoreDNS, etcd, Docker, Terraform, Graylog, Python,...

Required skills:

  • Scripting with either Python or Bash shell (Makefile is a plus) => this is to automate the deployment procedure.
  • System admin knowledge (network and system configuration, security… with Linux environment) => to operate and support.

 *** Having following knowledge is a plus:

  • AWS (VPC, EC2, SES)
  • Docker
  • Configuration management tools: Ansible, Chef…

Years of experiences: 2 years and above